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Have you ever stared at a piece of Steven Miller art wondering what that symbol up the side of the piece is for a moment - soon realizing it was a stylized version of his last name? While Steven certainly has an eye for the cool and stylish, that little touch is more that just a bit of flair. It obviously is a version of his signature, but itís really a small nod to his training in the Japanese art of Sumi-e - an East Asian style of brush painting developed thousands of years ago. Sumi-e training shows through in all of Stevens art, even when he strays from the traditional brushes and works in inks, colored pencils, other styles of painting, or even digitally.

Steven's relatively short time working in the sci-fi fantasy/pin-up realm has caused quite a splash in the industry. Since his first published piece hit the George Perez Newsletter his work has graced the cover of Non-Sport Update, and has even shown up thousands of miles from his Maryland based Celestial Dreams Studio in Hollandís magazine: The Flying Dutch.

More recently Stevenís work has been noticed in the non-sport trading card industry where he was first tapped to produce original sketch cards for premier manufacturer Rittenhouse Archivesí Art and Images of Xena: Warrior Princess, Art and Images of Star Trek The Original Series, and X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Rittenhouseís Miller Monopoly came to an end with a call from Artbox asking for his pen to work itís magic on their Frankenstein release, that job was completed basically in tandem with Topps high profile Lord of the Rings Masterpieces series where Millerís work is one of the rarest, and most sought after by collectors.

Stevenís next phone call lead to a reunion with Rittenhouse and a unique proposition - a series of full color sketch cards for one of the most anticipated trading card releases in a decade: The Complete Avengers. The artistís next projects are for Breygent, so sit back and wait to see what Steven does with the Wizard of Oz 2, and the oversized The Vintage Poster Collection: Classic Sci-fi & Horror Posters Collector Cards. These high profile trading card series have landed Millerís work on the desks at companies like Universal Studios, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, Turner Entertainment and Warner Bros.

When Stevenís not sketching (which is rare lately) he does do personally commissioned work, so feel free to contact him to have your dream committed to art. In the mean time keep watching - who knows where his work will show up next!